Dealing with Fire Loss in the Rogue Valley area?

Click here -This is a site that gives good advice when dealing with insurance agencies and fire damage.

Community donations are flooding in and several places have actually stopped taking donations, so check first to see if a place is still accepting. As of now we are aware of the following drop off sites still accepting:
Immediate supplies needed for folks impacted by the terrible fires in the Rogue Valley. Please drop off supplies only if you can safely get to these drop off locations.


South Ashland – 770 Faith Ave (Drop off at driveway on wine St)

North Ashland – 223 Maple Street (Drop off at side yard/driveway)

Medford – YMCA Parking lot – 522 West 6th St (Drop off 09/09 + 09/10 2:30PM-6:30PM)

Josephine County Fairgrounds  541-474-5305


Right now, please only bring supplies listed here:
-Water bottles
-Water jugs/containers
-Hand Sanitizer
-Disinfectant Wipes
-Non-perishable foods
-Baby formula
-Menstrual supplies
-Sleeping bags
-Pet food
-Toilet paper
-First Aid supplies
-Cell phone chargers


Habitat for Humanity is accepting donations of tools and supplies for clean up today and tomorrow from 10am to 4pm. See their Facebook page for details @roguevalleyhabitatforhumanity

The fire fighters are working hard for us. We reached out to see how we can help. They are in need of water, chips, granola, protein bars, sandwich supplies, Gatorade, Chap-stick and eye drops. You can drop it off at Station 4 in Medford off Table Rock Rd. Talent is in need of animal crates. They are not in need of food and water at this time.  One of the wives will deliver the creates to the station.