Are thinking of doing some projects around the house, but don’t want to overspend and not recoup the costs when you sale?   Don’t feel guilty about financing smaller, low-risk projects that are sure to increase your equity. For example, upgraded insulation may not be sexy, but according to the National Association of REALTORS’® “Remodeling Impact Report,” its median cost is just $2,100, and it recovers 95% of its value in a sale. So a small loan (that you can pay off quickly) might make sense, especially when you consider the energy savings.

Some Good bets include:

Project Median Cost  Recoup in $$
New Roofing $7,500 $8,150
Hardwood Flooring Refinish $3,000 $3,000
Insulation Upgrade $2,100 $1,600
New Wood Flooring $5,500 $5,000
New Garage Door $2,300 $2,000
New Vinyl Siding $13,500 $10,000