The internet and available photos and virtual tours of homes have been available for years to buyers. This is nothing new, but It was still part of the normal buying process for buyers to look at several homes before they make an offer to buy a home.  So far nothing has really been able to replace the experience of being in the home.

Under COVD-19 rules, it can be hard to show and see a home.  Out of town buyers do not have the ease of travel like they did before.  The process of reducing exposure to all the parties slows down the showing properties.  Some occupants are not leaving their home, etc.

With all the limitations (some were listed above), a buyer may want to consider making an offer to purchase subject to the viewing of the home. In a normal market, this contingency is something agents and sellers dread as the terms of the sale are agreed upon first then the buyer views the home., The deal may be terminated if the buyer does not “like” the home once they have been inside.  This can be quite a letdown for all, and the property was probably not being shown to other potential buyers during the wait time.

However, for the time being, making a “contingent on viewing offer” may be a good option for all parties.  The seller has not “wasted” time prepping/sanitizing the home, then leaving the house (to go where?), coming back to the home and finally re-sanitizing the house… only to find out the buyer is not interested.  For the buyer, it is benefit, as he does not have to make a challenging trip to see a house he liked only to find out the terms he wants for the purchase are not acceptable to the seller.  In this case, other than the viewing of the home, both parties have agreed on terms.

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