Many homeowners enjoy the summer because it allows them to get outdoors and plant flowers, shrubbery and other yard accents. A home is a large real estate investment, and for many owners, their yard is an extension of their house. Maintaining a well-manicured lawn is not a difficult or tedious task, but it does require some care.

Homeowners can avoid back-breaking work and spending a great deal on maintenance if they follow a few lesser-known rules.

Don’t over-trim your yard

Some individuals may mow their grass and trim their hedges on a weekly basis in an attempt to keep it more manageable. However, this can backfire and actually lead to yard damage, rather than health. Keeping grass a little longer during the summer months allows it to maintain more moisture, which can save homeowners time and money in constantly watering their lawns, according to In addition, longer grass creates natural shade, which can help keep weeds at bay. This can save people money on weed killers and eliminate the need to consistently pull up pesky plants from the lawn.

The length homeowners should keep their grass depends on the area in which they live as well as the type of grass they grow. It may be beneficial to conduct research with a local gardening association to determine this information and how to best maintain their yards.

Choose native plants and flowers

Each plant or flower requires different climates, water levels and weather conditions in order to thrive. For example, some flowers must be planted in shady, damp areas in order to grow, while others require direct sunlight to bloom. This is the reason certain plants and flowers grow more prominently in certain areas. To lessen the amount of work individuals must spend in the yard, owners should seek out plants that are native to the area in which they live. This can be done easily by visiting a local nursery and consulting with a professional.

Get creative with your space

Lastly, homeowners may decide that they want to use their yard for other tasks, such as barbecuing, building a deck or laying down stone for a patio. If this is the case, owners can break up their yards and only devote a portion of it to flowers and shrubbery. This can be another way to save time and money on lawn maintenance and care. In addition, decks and other raised home additions may provide the shade individuals need to grow certain types of low-maintenance plants.